Who are We?

Our Mission

Our aim is to bring an uplifting, positive aesthetic to your business via our Websites, Art, or Software Development while assisting in improving your companies productivity, workflow, online presence, and technological capabilities. 

Regardless of the task at hand or goal you have in mind, you can sleep well knowing our experienced Engineer is working tirelessly to make your dream a reality. We provide an unrivaled customer service experience throughout the whole process to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the results. 

Our Core Values

We are always focused on providing a positive customer experience while providing the highest quality Website Design, Software Design, and Art possible. Never have to worry about where a document is hidden, whether or not your website is secure/functional, whether your business is easily accessible online or not, whether or not your office space is dull, whether or not you are accomplishing maximum productivity, and more!

Extraordinary Experiences

With great references from every contract or job we have done you can relax knowing we are working hard to make your life easier and help you become the best possible. Once we are on your team, we are committed to lifting your business and work family up.

Our Work History and Resume

At AbstractMediums.com we want you to know you are working with a professional. So we have listed all of our top clientel, contracts, and the work we did for them.

– Develop solutions for https://identity.kbxl.com/ (SaaS browser app used for thousands of Logistic companies worldwide.)
– Troubleshoot customer issues, re-create, then manipulate SQL data or write C# code to develop a solution
-Work on functions and procedures in SSMS, Used Azure DevOps TFS, made production level changes as well as well as test them in Dev instances beforehand.
– Troubleshoot customer issues, re-create, then manipulate SQL data or find a solution to the flawed logic while in production.
-Weekly Builds and SCRUM Meetings.
– Keep an eye on server status and recycle service/EDI pools
– Manipulate data, write queries, functions, and procs in SQL to fix issues.
– Regression testing and troubleshooting user facing bugs in our software
– Communicate with team members, knowledge share, develop plans, fix ongoing user errors, etc.
– Level 2 development
– Work with both IT Support and Senior Software Engineers on development solutions.
– Use Azure Devops, Visual Studio, SSMS, SSRS, Remote Desktop, Teams, DBForge, MS Services and several in house programs.
– Configure/fix API functionality with our web app and facilitate fixes with other API Devs and Source Systems.

– Worked on Email, SMS, and PDF message delivery systems.
– Learned and used IBM RTX, UCD, Websphere, IBM Dev Environments(Eclipse,IIB), DBeaver, and SOAPUI for testing while adhearing to sprint goals.
– Changed endpoints for Salesforce integration.
– Worked in ESQL, Java, and studied quadient technology
– Recieved a BlueCross BlueShield Cybersecurity Certificate

-Specialist for C# based software and SQL databases behind electronic meter testing hardware (WattNet Basic – Plus) while in production.
-Azure DevOps experience and involvement in the entire software development lifeline from regression testing, code inspection, data manipulation, to support.
-Experience with Rest Api’s used along side our software
-One of two specialists in charge of maintaining this software, finding bugs, fixing broken software, and fixing Database issues.
-Saving, backing up, editing, and copying customer databases in Microsoft SQL Management Studio.
-Creating, importing, and exporting data views via SQL for customer use within meter testing software (Customer tells me what they want their data view to look like then I design it)
– Write queries for customer databases in Microsoft SQL Management Studio.
-Troubleshooting customer issues by evaluating SQL tables, looking at code-based errors, and inspecting debug files.
-Regression testing for new releases of our metering software.
-Documenting customer software issues and keeping track of them using Jira and Salesforce.
-Assisting with deployment of new software version releases.
-Connecting customer meter hardware to PC software and ensuring accurate testing.
-Improving software and upgrading from Legacy systems/databases to newer systems using the .Net environment and SQL.
-Editing config files.
-SQL database administration, table editing and setup.
-Create server admin accounts and assign permissions.
-Fix any issues between MS SQL Server, Electronic Metering Software and Windows 10/7.
-Converting/Migrating older Sybase databases to new SQL Databases.
-Migrating software/ drivers from Windows 7 to Windows 10
-Clearing registry errors and edit ports.
-Daily SCRUM.
-Heavy SQL Focus.
-Work in Visual Studio – C#.
-Edit TC/IP config settings and edit IP settings.
– Work in Device Manager, Command Prompt, Remote
Desktop, and other basic Microsoft Management Tools.

-Assist customers with technical/software issues they may have. (This can include password issues, network issues, software issues, and computer issues.)
-Troubleshoot and solve complex technical problems while providing excellent customer service.
-I used tools like Command prompt, active directory, active client, Mcafee encryption, Database Access
Management, MSSMS, Remote Desktop(bomgar), Service Now(ticketing system) as well as an array of other software.
-I did not have a security clearance for this position but my support group did assist many users in Government agencies such as The Pentagon, The F.B.I, The D.o.D, The F.D.A, as well as users within our own corporation.
-Within the first 2 months at this position I was ranked top 4 in productivity out of over 100 employee’s and I consistently improved that position.
-Handled multiple tickets, software improvement requests, as well as help roll out new software versions.
-Did everything with a smile and provided excellent customer service.

-Helped work on an Asset Tracking System using C#, SQL, HTML/CSS, with mock-up work done in Balsamiq.
-Designed/Developed a database in MSSQLMS
-Created SQL Connection to Database using C#, ASP.Net
-Designed front end search system to find item info
-This Asset Tracking System was meant to keep track of hardware assigned to employee’s within the company. These assets consisted of Ipads, phones, computers, and clothing.

-Designed and developed a secure, multi-functional website(https://DreamingClean.LLC) that intigrates forms, google maps api’s, and can intigrate analytics and several other specialized services.

Designed and developed a secure, multi-functional website(https://Abstractmediums) that intigrates forms, google maps api’s, and can intigrate analytics and several other specialized services.
-Designed/Developed business logo.
-Created business presence on google.
-Created Social Media
-Work contracts for several small and large businesses.

"Andrew did a great job working on our webapp and helped improve the speed of our services."
Software Eng Management